Uk, Ireland: Some Sun Returns For The Weekend

While spells of rain and scattered showers will be the rule across the United Kingdom and Ireland through Friday, residents can look forward to a more pleasant weekend with some sunshine and temperatures that will be near or just above seasonal averages for this time of the year. The weather took a violent turn on Wednesday evening across western Ireland as a tornado briefly touched down near the town of Galway, according to BBC News . The tornado reportedly toppled many trees while also damaging several homes. Several hundred homes remained without power as of Thursday morning, local time. Once the low pressure system responsible for the unsettled weather moves away from the U.K. on Friday night, a ridge of high pressure will build into Ireland and most of the U.K. beginning on Saturday. This high pressure will keep most of the region dry on Sunday as well. With some sunshine expected, temperatures throughout the region will rise into middle teens to near 20 degrees C (59-68 degrees F) during the day across Ireland, Wales and England, making the weather favorable for leaf peepers and most any other outdoor activities. The average high for early October in London is approximately 15-16 degrees C (60 degrees F) while Dublin’s average high is typically around 15 degrees C (59 degrees F). A weak frontal boundary will bring more clouds and even some showers to western Ireland, Northern Ireland and western Scotland on Sunday, while the rest of the United Kingdom will be dry with some sunshine. Meteorologist Eric Leister contributed to this story.

Lidl UK Lists Black Pudding Nationwide as Customers Snap up Nostalgic British Food

But many feel the Mail went too far when it angered Ed Miliband, leader of the left-of-center Labour Party, by running a story about Miliband’s late father, a leading socialist intellectual, headlined “the man who hated Britain.” The Mail warned readers that “Red Ed,” who is Britain’s main opposition leader and hopes to be its next prime minister, had inherited father Ralph’s commitment to class warfare. Miliband wrote a rebuttal defending his dad, who came to Britain as a teenage refugee from the Nazis and served with the Royal Navy in World War II. “I loved him and he loved Britain,” Miliband wrote of his father, who died in 1994. “I know they say ‘you can’t libel the dead,’ but you can smear them.” The paper’s attack has won Miliband wide sympathy, and has brought the rare spectacle of politicians from all parties criticizing the Daily Mail. Former Conservative Cabinet Minister Michael Heseltine accused the Mail of “carrying politics to an extent that is just demeaning.” Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, a Liberal Democrat, said Thursday that “if anyone excels in denigrating and often vilifying a lot about modern Britain, it’s the Daily Mail.” Clegg had a point the Mail exudes a deep ambivalence about British society. Its successful formula is to offer readers a mix of anxiety and reassurance, spiced with a dash of sex. Journalism professor and Guardian media columnist Roy Greenslade said the Mail is often described as the paper that “speaks for Middle England that segment of the working class which has middle-class aspirations and wishes to defend them against all comers.” “It is vaguely anti-immigrant. It has opposed in the past social liberal moves such as gay rights,” he said. Among the things the Mail approves of are British troops, hardworking “mums and dads” and cute domestic animals. It dislikes unemployed “benefit scroungers” especially if they’re immigrants Brussels bureaucrats, badly behaved celebrities and left-wing politicians like Ed Miliband. In the newspaper’s pages, common foods regularly turn out to cause cancer or obesity and climate change is treated with skepticism.

UK’s Powerful Daily Mail Faces a Political Storm

Markets open in 4 hrs 20 mins Lidl UK Lists Black Pudding Nationwide as Customers Snap up Nostalgic British Food Press Release: Lidl UK GMBH 10 minutes ago Print LONDON, October 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Lidl UK has listed Black Pudding in all stores across the UK as the traditional product storms its way back onto Great British menus. Since going on sale in June for 99p, an average of 10 black puddings have been sold every minute in Lidl stores, with the exception of Saturday mornings when it shoots up to 26 black puddings. (Photo: ) Celebrity Chef Nick Nairn says: “It’s becoming a hugely popular ingredient with the revival of traditional dishes and hearty, gastro pub food, as well as the rise in artisan food producers. We are more interested in where our food comes from these days, which can only be a good thing, and we’re more likely to trust a small, reputable producer.” The Black Pudding comes under Lidl UK’s own label, Hazelmeade Farm, and is produced for them by the family-run supplier, Pork Traders, in Liverpool. Now in its 3rd generation of family management, the business was started in the late 1940s by Jack Ellis Morphet, the grandfather of the current owner, Ellis Morphet. Pork Traders produces the same Black Pudding for a number of high-end hotels such as the Montcalm hotel in Central London under the Oakwell brand, but this is the first time they have produced Black Pudding for a supermarket. Owner of Pork Traders, Ellis Morphet, says, “We make the black pudding to the same family recipe my grandfather used in the 1940s. We use fresh blood, rather than dried, which we source from my uncle’s slaughterhouse three miles away, because it adds a better texture than with dried – it’s more moist, and more delicious. The fresh blood is added to the cooked pearl barley, chopped bacon trim and pork fat and onions and then the ingredients mixed together with carefully selected herbs and spices to give it its special flavour.” Not just for breakfast, Black Pudding is a versatile ingredient recommended to be eaten with scallops, squid, white fish, and peas. Sales of traditional British foods have experienced a boom this year due to economic austerity and as a result of cooking programmes inspiring a generation of people to cook. @yahoofinance on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Chart Your most recently viewed tickers will automatically show up here if you type a ticker in the “Enter symbol/company” at the bottom of this module. You need to enable your browser cookies to view your most recent quotes. Search for share prices Reuters Twitter Inc, racing toward the largest Silicon Valley IPO since Facebook Inc’s 2012 coming-out party, hopes to

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