Music City Center’s Impact Falls Short Of 2010 Forecast

3, 2013 11:06 PM | People attend the official opening of the Music City Center convention center in May 2013. / John Partipilo / File / The Tennessean Written by A media tour of the newly constructed Music City Center was held May 15, 2013. / Dipti Vaidya / File / The Tennessean More Music City Center coverage ADVERTISEMENT The new downtown convention center has generated 18,751 hotel room nights and a $26 million economic impact, according to numbers released Thursday by the Convention Center Authority. Those numbers put the new center well below the original 2010 projections by HVS, the citys consultant, which said at the time that Music City Center would generate 49 conventions and trade shows for 332,333 room nights in 2013. The study, however, predicted the center and its headquarters hotel would be open earlier in the year than what ended up happening, so the projections dont align perfectly. The Omni Hotel had its grand opening on Monday and Music City Center opened in May. Music City Center has hosted 100 events with 62,125 attendees during the first quarter of this fiscal year, the Convention Center Authority said. Weve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to host events for numerous groups in the community, most recently the NAACPs 40th annual Freedom Fund Gala and the Nashville Downtown Partnerships annual meeting and awards luncheon, said Charles Starks, President/CEO of the Music City Center. We have been very busy, but our team has done a great job adjusting to the high demand that this building has created, and things are running very smoothly. Collections for the tourism-related taxes and fees that pay back the debt used to finance the center are up 12.7 percent year over year for July 2013. However, those tourism tax collections had been on the upswing before the convention center opened, and the city uses taxes generated by all tourists, not just business tourists. Contact Nate Rau at 615-259-8094 or . Follow him on Twitter @tnnaterau.

Roberto Fonseca, Pedrito Martinez looking to move Afro-Cuban music forward

In this Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013 photo, the northern lights glow north of Havre, Mont. on Highway 232.  The conditions of the sky were clear that made it favorable for viewing the northern lights.  (AP Photo/Havre Daily News, Lindsay Brown) MANDATORY CREDIT

It would have been easy to name myself the Buena Vista Social Club new generation, Fonseca said. But now its my career, and people are really accepting. We are starting from zero here, and Im feeling really good. My music is my life, and my life is my music. New from Pedrito Martinez New York percussionist and singer Pedrito Martinez seems to be following similar impulses on the excellent, eponymous debut album from the Pedrito Martinez Group, out Tuesday. The album grinds the band leaders original compositions up against tunes made famous by Led Zeppelin and the Jackson 5 all played with a zeal that should burnish Martinezs reputation as one of the most vital and charismatic Afro-Latin percussionists on the planet. The 40-year-old conga player first learned Cubas rhythmic dialects in the streets of Havana, but he said his curiosity is continuously stoked by the music of New York City. Everything comes from tradition, and what you do is add, Martinez said over the telephone. Its Afro-Cuban music interpreted by someone whos been in the United States for 15 years. Martinez first left his native Cuba for a tour of Canada in 1998, and in 2000, took first place at the Thelonious Monk International Afro-Latin Jazz Hand Drum Competition, held at the Kennedy Center. Since then, hes appeared on more than 100 recordings, all while performing regularly at private Santeria ceremonies at apartments across various New York boroughs. His group an ace quartet that includes keyboardist Ariacne Trujillo, bassist Alvaro Benavides and percussionist Jhair Sala still maintains a weekly residency at Guantanamera, a Cuban restaurant in Hells Kitchen. Martinez said the gig has helped him learn to a play with a dynamism and intensity that can rip across rooms of any size.

Sinead O’Connor pens open letter to Miley Cyrus: ‘Don’t let the music business make a prostitute of you’

Perhaps folk music is the first music most children hear, which makes it important to children, while for adults, it wields the power of nostalgia. Or perhaps its power comes from its simplicity – which makes it accessible, meaning easy to sing or hum, and, therefore, popular. Other attractions to folk songs are that they frequently record historical, sociological and medicinal information. And the icing on the cake is that they often make us laugh. My musings on folk music arose because of the delightful concerts I attended on consecutive weekends last month at The Little Theatre, Tom Redcam Avenue, St Andrew. The first concert was staged by the 46-year-old Jamaican Folk Singers and the second by the 40-year-old Cari-Folk Singers, both professional sounding, yet quasi-professional groups, which have won numerous national and international awards. After speculating on the power of folk music, I thought I’d ask an expert, Christine MacDonald-Nevers. A musician with many letters after her name to prove her classical training, possessing even more years in the business than letters and the daughter of a prominent singer, MacDonald-Nevers is also the musical director of the Jamaican Folk Singers. importance of folk music I emailed this question: “What’s the importance of folk music to you and the group?” Here’s her very thoughtful answer: “There are many life lessons present in Jamaica’s folk music. Lessons about love, sharing, commitment, the importance of community, about choices and consequences, and most important, about respect for self and respect for others.” “These lessons remain relevant to and applicable in all areas of our lives, and the importance of these lessons remain important to the Jamaican Folk Singers as we focus on ‘Education through Entertainment’.” “My love for, and appreciation of, the Jamaican Folk Singers continues to grow, and encouragement is found in the positive influence that Jamaican folk music has had on people in Jamaica and internationally – the evidence of the healing power of the music, and the gaps that the music has [bridged] and continues to bridge. Important, too, is the expressed pride of Jamaicans as, through the work of the Jamaican Folk Singers, they recognise and accept the beauty of what is Jamaica and Jamaican.” Next, I turned to the message by Patricia Newland, leader of the Cari-Folk Singers, published in the group’s concert programme. In it I found some other reasons why folk music is important. The message tells us that the group is internationally acclaimed, has a repertoire of more than 350 songs, has existed for so long because of “the love of … members for performing folk forms” and possesses a “dedication to rehearsals and honing of …

Feasting on folk music

Perhaps fittingly, only Android owners received a native app at the time. Now, according to Engadget’ s sources, a Google Play Music app could finally be on its way to iOS. The search giant is apparently testing the application internally (there are still a few bugs), and will launch it to the public by the end of October. That will still have been two years on from the launch of the Google Play Music service, of course, during which time iPhone and iPad owners have only been able to access the service through a web app. There have been a couple of mitigating factors. For one thing, Flash was listed as a necessary DRM measure when Google Play Music All Access was launched back in May. Apple’s iOS devices, of course, don’t do Flash, so Google has had to find a work-around. Then there’s that Google Play Music All Access element itself. Put simply, Google Play Music has only really existed as a finished, complete app for a relatively short time with the addition of the aforementioned feature. Google Play Music All Access adds a Spotify-like music subscription service that enables unlimited music streaming for 9.99 per month. iOS owners may be late to the Google Play Music party, but at least they’re arriving when it’s in full swing.

Google Play Music app coming to iOS this month

Google Music

That has to change. You ought be protected as a precious young lady by anyone in your employ and anyone around you, including you. This is a dangerous world. We dont encourage our daughters to walk around naked in it because it makes them prey for animals and less than animals, a distressing majority of whom work in the music industry and its associated media. You are worth more than your body or your sexual appeal. The world of showbiz doesnt see things that way, they like things to be seen the other way, whether they are magazines who want you on their cover, or whatever.. Dont be under any illusions.. ALL of them want you because theyre making money off your youth and your beauty.. which they could not do except for the fact your youth makes you blind to the evils of show business. If you have an innocent heart you cant recognise those who do not. I repeat, you have enough talent that you dont need to let the music business make a prostitute of you.

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