Is London Big Enough For A Second Startup Hub?

Around September last year a piece of land became available behind Westfield [shopping center in West London]. There was a bunch of warehouses back here, and so we took over the whole warehouse and turned it into our own West London incubator that houses a whole host of different businesses. Having our own four walls was good, he explains. The Advantages Of Heading West This location in FIG Village has other advantages besides a simple set of walls. A lot of the companies we work with are actually out West. If you look at where Cisco, where Microsoft Microsoft , where the big B2B tech is, its actually out this side of town, as is Discovery Channel, Sky and the BBC, Hill says. Wazoku, which provides an internal idea generation and management platform for the BBC has clearly benefited from this proximity. But has being away from the East London tech action created other hassles for the fledgling company? Quite the opposite, claims Hill. A lot of clients, theyre struggling for meeting space in Central London. Theyre really happy to come to us. Weve got a huge space. Weve got a Muay Thai boxing gym in here, so we have two boxing rings in the office people find it quite quirky.

Chinese group plans to rebuild London’s Crystal Palace

G. Grace. The current stadium, which will be retained, is a traditional home of British athletics. The hilltop’s 219-metre high television transmitter, the tallest building in suburban London, will also remain. The new Crystal Palace would be around 50 metres high and 500 metres long, and the developers promise the creation of about 2,000 new jobs. London Mayor Boris Johnson will chair an advisory board to steer the project forward, although work is unlikely to start before 2015. “Paxton’s stunning Crystal Palace was a beacon of innovation in the 19th century, encapsulating a spirit of invention which was to shape London and the world for generations to come,” he said. “Since the iconic building was destroyed, the conundrum of what to do with the crumbling site has not been successfully resolved. “This is a vision that could not only see a world-class landmark building reinstated, of the quality of the original, but the restoration of the entire surrounding park, bringing jobs and growth.” London Washington (AFP) – President Barack Obama demanded an end to a three-day government shutdown he decried as a reckless “farce,” piling pressure on Republicans to climb down first on a budget impasse. AFP If you’re attending one of the worlds top universities, chances are high you’re an English-speaking student on a leafy campus in the United States or the United Kingdom. Christian Science Monitor Rep. Todd Rokita prefaced a response to CNN’s Carol Costello during a debate over shutdown pay by praising her beauty. Yahoo News Columbus (AFP) – Steve Stricker saved par from an 18th-hole bunker to give the United States a 3 1/2-2 1/2 lead over the Internationals after Thursday’s opening four-ball matches at the storm-hit Presidents Cup.

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