Conservatives Use Cory Booker’s Connection To ‘hollywood Liberals’ Against Him

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Tom Clancy dies: Author’s Jack Ryan was Hollywood favorite

They claim the incident took place because of their race. “It hurts me more that telling the story, other people are not surprised,” Johnson said in an interview on HLN’s” Showbiz Tonight” on Monday. “They’re not shocked about what we went through. So many people have gone through it, too. I don’t understand how come they haven’t fought it and how come they just let it go.” Johnson, best known for her roles in TV shows “Punky Brewster” and “Family Matters,” and White, from the movie “Notorious,” are speaking out about their treatment by a Marion County sheriff’s deputy on September 22. “I’ve been stopped by the police before, but I’ve never been fearful for my life,” Johnson said on Sunday. “They need some kind of sensitivity training.” The Marion County sheriff issued a statement on Monday promising to investigate the allegations of racial profiling. Actors: We were racially profiled The couple, who were in the area after conducting an acting workshop in North Carolina, shared White’s account with freelance writer Krystol Diggs, who posted it to CNN iReport . CNN could not independently verify their account but spoke directly to Johnson and Diggs about the incident. Johnson and White say they were on their way to Myrtle Beach for a quick romantic getaway when they pulled off the rural highway and parked by a cotton field. Johnson said she had never seen cotton before and told White she wanted to take a picture. As the couple walked back to the car, they said, they noticed a police car with its lights on parked behind theirs. White and Johnson, who are both African-American, say the white officer harshly questioned them about drugs — he found none — and the cash he found in their bags. Johnson was the national cheer representative for the Just Say No to Drugs campaign in the ’80s. According to White’s account, Officer Shad Barfield told Johnson there was a warrant for her arrest, which she disputed, and the officer later recanted.

The email asks for donations to help elect Bookers opponent, Republican Steve Lonegan. Lonegan and Booker are seeking the U.S. Senate seat that was held by Frank Lautenberguntil he died in June. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has set a special election for Oct. 16, and Booker has become the latest cause celebre among rich Hollywood politicos. In April, for example, a party at producer Jerry Weintraubs Beverly Hills mansion raised $500,000. Co-hosts included Disney CEO Bob Iger, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, Sony CEO Michael Lynton,and Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara. STORY: Cory Booker’s Secret Twitter Messages With Stripper Revealed And a few weeks ago, billionaire businessman Ron Burkle, partial owner of the NHLs Pittsburgh Penguins, co-hosted a Booker fundraiser along with Michael Eisner, J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Garner, Weintraub, Damon and Affleck. Lloyd Marcus, chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, said the email invoking Bookers ties to Hollywood was particularly effective, generating thousands of small donations, as opposed to the donations of up to $10,000 apiece that Booker raises at celebrity events. “Our supporters were motivated to offer a counter-force to Hollywood,” Marcus said. “It became something of a David vs.

Hollywood couple stopped by police, say they were racially profiled

Particularly because on the few occasions Clancy’s novels were turned into movies, both the commercial and critical response was pretty strong. And yet the release of Paramount Pictures’ Chris Pine -led “Jack Ryan: Shadow One” this Christmas will mark only the fifth time one of the author’s books has gotten the big screen treatment (as well as the fifth time a Ryan movie will come to the screen). Elmore Leonard’s love-hate relationship with Hollywood All of the previous four films centered on the fast-rising CIA officer and the various global threats he helped fend off involving nuclear weaponry, drug-smuggling conspiracies and assorted forms of villainy, often depicting in some detail the military technology Clancy was famous for. The first movie in that series is arguably the author’s best-known adaptation — 1990’s “The Hunt for Red October,” based on Clancy’s first published work. The film starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin was a blockbuster, grossing over $200 million worldwide and even winning an Oscar for its sound effects. (Baldwin, the first actor to ever portray Jack Ryan, tweeted early Wednesday that Clancy was a”real gentleman of the old school.”) PHOTOS: Celebrities react on Twitter to Tom Clancy’s death Harrison Ford would go on to take over the role in 1992’s “Patriot Games” and 1994’s “Clear and Present Danger,” each of which also did massive business. It was nearly a decade before Jack Ryan turned up at the multiplex again — this time, played by Ben Affleck in 2002’s “The Sum of All Fears,” the least well-reviewed of any of Clancy’s adaptations, but no less popular with moviegoers. Despite these successful collaborations with the movie business, Clancy was openly hesitant about about the film industry. “Giving your book to Hollywood is like turning your daughter over to a pimp,” went one of his more famous quotes. Clancy disliked the slow pace at which movies were made, questioning why it took so long for screenwriters to pen a 120-page script when he could churn out a 1,200-page manuscript in five months. PHOTOS: Notable deaths of 2013 “We all know that time is money,” he told The Times in a 1995 interview. “Well, by God, time really is money in Hollywood, and yet the Hollywood process wastes a colossal amount of time unnecessarily.” Clancy also frequently sparred with Paramount, which released all of his Jack Ryan movies.

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