Chelsea Players As Hollywood Movie Characters

Is China Taking Over Hollywood?

A former deputy chief in Miami hired more than a year ago as Hollywood’s assistant city manager, Fernandez says his mission is to change the department’s culture and reputation by recruiting only the best and training them well. Last month, two members of the command staff were relieved of duty with pay after being placed under investigation by the State Attorney’s Office. An internal audit ordered by the chief raised questions about whether they altered or destroyed Internal Affairs reports required to be kept for public record under state law. Attorneys for Assistant Chief Ken Haberland and Maj. Norris Redding say their clients did not do what they have been accused of and will be cleared in the end. In 2010, five employees were fired after doctoring an accident report to protect the officer who caused the crash. A recording captured them coming up with a “Walt Disney” story involving a cat jumping out of a car. In 2007, former chief James Scarberry left in disgrace after four Hollywood cops were convicted of escorting stolen diamonds, artwork and heroin for undercover FBI agents posing as mobsters. The FBI was forced to cut short its investigation when word leaked out about the two-year probe, leaving questions about whether some dirty cops were saved by the leak. City Manager Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark says she hired Fernandez because of his long career in law enforcement and his connections to the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice. Fernandez retired from the Miami Police Department in January 2010 after a 25-year career. Before coming to Hollywood, he worked as an adjunct professor in the business school at Miami -Dade College and as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Justice.

BROWN/AFP/Getty Images October 1, 2013 12:30 PM ET All that kowtowing, and what’s there to show for it? What Are the Best and Worst 3D Movies? For years, Hollywood has been bowing and scraping to please the Chinese government, which allows the importation of only a handful of non-Chinese films into its theaters each year. The hardball negotiators of Hollywood were willing to roll over, in terms of finance and even content, in return for access to the world’s largest overseas moviegoing audience and soon, the world’s largest moviegoing audience, period. And after all that, the studios still aren’t seeing a dime from recent exports like Skyfall , Life of Pi and A Good Day to Die Hard . The reason, revealed this summer in reports by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, is a dispute over a 2 percent value-added tax that China imposed on movie profits last year. American studios with pre-existing deals in China balked over having this tax come out of their 25-percent share of the profits, so China hasn’t paid those studios in months, withholding tens of millions of dollars. Sure, Hollywood could retaliate by pulling its movies from the country, but at a time when 70 percent of a Hollywood theatrical release’s profits come from abroad, Hollywood needs China a lot more than China needs Hollywood. So expect the dispute to be resolved soon, and probably on terms more favorable to China than to Hollywood. The dust-up is only the latest between Hollywood and China in recent months. In July, China abruptly pulled Despicable Me 2 from its release schedule, citing no reason. A few months ago, Quentin Tarantino agreed to trim some of the gore out of Django Unchained , but Chinese censors yanked the movie at the last minute anyway, until Tarantino agreed to more cuts. Where Does Django Unchained Rank on Our List of the Worst Movie Mistakes? In fact, it’s routine for Hollywood to alter the content of its overseas prints to placate China.

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He’s also a man who has also found himself in hot water with the authorities at various times in his career, falling out with UEFA, the FA and footballing power brokers of Italy and Spain. There’s only one man from Hollywood movies who can truly resemble Mourinho as a characterDon Vito Corleone, of course! Roman Abramovich / Jackie Moon Semi-Pro image courtesy of Mark Thompson/Getty Images Given we’ve mentioned Jose Mourinho in a movie character context, we couldn’t forgive ourselves if we ignored Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. In his 10 years in charge at Stamford Bridge, the Russian has hired and fired managers like they’re going out of fashion. In total, he has employed eight different men to occupy the Chelsea hot seat, with Mourinho’s return this summer making him the ninth managerial change in total. With Chelsea’s high turnover of coaches, it has led to some suspecting Abramovich wants to run the team himself, losing patience with those he eventually deems not good enough to lead the team to glory. Having that in mind, there’s one Hollywood character who stands out from the restJackie Moon of Semi-Pro fame. Will Ferrell’s character in the hit movie not only owned the Flint Tropics basketball team, but he was coach, player and even a singer. We can only suspect Abramovich must desire at least two of those roles at Stamford Bridge. Petr Cech / Capt. Robert Hatch Escape to Victory image courtesy of Ian Walton/Getty Images It’s perhaps an easy comparison to make as they’re both goalkeepers, but Chelsea’s Petr Cech and Sylvester Stallone’s Capt. Robert Hatch from Hollywood classic Escape to Victory share plenty of qualities. For instance, Hatch comes to the rescue of the Allies at various stages of their clash with the Nazi football teamsomething Cech is more than known for at Chelsea. And while Cech has overcome serious injury in his time, Hatch does the same in the movie to ensure for a satisfying ending. Branislav Ivanovic / Ivan Drago Rocky IV image courtesy of Wikipedia One is from Eastern Europe and a man mountain whose opponents rarely get the better of in a physical battle.

Hollywood treatment for soccer legend Pele

(AP Photo) RELATED The story of how Pele conquered the footballing world aged just 17 is coming to Hollywood with filming under way in Rio de Janeiro, Seine Pictures said on Thursday. The film, entitled simply, “Pele”, “tells the wonderful story of the rise to glory of the legendary player,” said the US company, which is producing the work with Imagine Entertainment. Pele, 72, born Edson Arantes do Nascimento and nicknamed O Rei (the king), is widely considered the greatest player of all time having helped Brazil to their first World Cup title in 1958 and then having triumphed again with an all-star ensemble in 1970. Brazilian singer “Seu Jorge” (Jorge Mario da Silva), Mexican actor Diego Boneta and Irish screen idol Colm Meaney are in the cast for a film written and directed by brothers Michael and Jeff Zimbalist. Brazilians Kevin de Paula and Leonardo Lima Carvalho play the young Pele, respectively between the ages of 13 and 17 and aged 10. Meaney will play George Raynor, who coached Sweden in the 1958 final when Pele announced his arrival as a global star. Seine is negotiating rights with Sports Licensing International, which represents Pele. Filming began in Rio last Monday, the producers said. Born on October 23, 1940 to a poor provincial family, Pele was also on the squad which won the 1962 World Cup — though he missed much of that tournament through injury — and scored more than 1,000 goals in his career. He spent the twilight of his playing days helping to popularise soccer in the United States with New York Cosmos. FIFA proclaimed him player of the century in 2000 and a year beforehand the International Olympic Committee voted him athlete of the century. ALSO ON TOI

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